Kim Zolciak Gets Real About Rumored Plastic Surgery on Her Face (VIDEO)

kim zolciak wwhl We can always count on Bravo's Andy Cohen to feed his audience with some (un)comfort food. Mildly squirming in our seats this week during Watch What Happens Live, we watched as Andy continuously called out Kim Zolciak for having plastic surgery done on her face.


The subject of Kim's evolving look came up after one viewer called in and said:

You’re absolutely beautiful, but there's been a little difference to your face lately. Honestly, have you had any work done? And I'm not trying to throw shade, Kim! 

The Don't Be Tardy star (who also birthed six children) rolled her eyes and denied having any more work done than her usual love for the Botox. She admitted to having her breasts and a tummy tuck done and backed up her denial by saying she's always been very open and honest about the topic. But Andy being Andy, wouldn't let it go.

Watch what happened (not so live).

While we don't really see a big difference recently, we definitely think she's had her nose done since she’s been on on the show.

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We are Team Kim when it comes to those lips, though. Andy had also accused her of getting her lips done bigger, to which she retorted, "They're just overdrawn." Based on past photos, it looks like Kim always had big lips, and they don't appear any bigger then than they do now. 

Big lips, small lips, shaved nose or not. As long as Kim continues spewing sass on her weekly show, we'll be all ears! 

What do you think? Did she have anything done recently?


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