12 Eyeliner Hacks That Will Change Your Makeup Game Forever (PHOTOS)

eyeliner hacksLet's be real, ladies. None of us magically wake up knowing how to apply a perfect cat-eye liner. While some women look like they’ve been pulled aside in high school and secretly shown how to work liquid eyeliner, the rest of us have a hard time just drawing a straight line. Eye makeup takes work -- and sometimes, a little help.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the most ingenious, foolproof ways to improve your winged-liner game. So whether you’re a pro looking to streamline your process to snag a few extra minutes of shut-eye in the morning, or you’ve never held an eye pencil in your life -- you’ll find the following eyeliner hacks revolutionary, and dare we say it, life-changing.

eyeliner hacks

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  • Sketch & Fill


    Have eyeliner and just not sure where to start? Beauty blogger Nicola Kate shares this five-step winged eyeliner pictorial. Although the visual speaks for itself, she also adds some helpful, easy-to-follow accompanying instructions.

  • Connect the Dots


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    If you're new to liquid liner, try this trick before attempting to tackle a perfect wing freehand. Draw several dots along the length of your eye and then slowly connect them.

    Check out Eimear McElheron's YouTube channel for this Winged Eyeliner tutorial.

  • Spoon Eyeliner Hack


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    Spoons are for more than just the dinner table! You can use the flat, bottom part of the spoon to draw your base line. Then take the rounded part of the spoon and complete the triangle of your wing.

    See Ellko's YouTube channel for the Eyeliner Spoon Hack tutorial.

  • Business Card Eyeliner Cheat


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    If you're anything like us, you probably have hundreds of spare business cards lying around. Put them to work as a guide for your eyeliner's base line. Just align a side of the card with the corner of your eye and the outer-most edge of your eyebrow, and trace!

    Visit Michelle Phan's YouTube for this Business Card Eyeliner Hack tutorial.

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  • Tape & Trace


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    This is very similar to the business card hack. Position your tape so that you draw a line between the corner of your eye and the outermost edge of your eyebrow (if you're using scotch tape, press it once or twice against your clothing to make the glue less sticky). Then draw your perfect base line! You can add a second piece of tape and use it as a stencil to create the perfect wing.

    Visit Tina Yong's Youtube channel for the Tape Eyeliner Hack tutorial.

  • Greeting Card Stencil Solution


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    We love this trick! Cut out your desired cat-eye shape from an old greeting card. Then hold it against your eye and color it in. That’s it -- simple as pie! This will work with any kind of cardstock.

    Visit Danielle Mansutti's YouTube channel for this Eyeliner Stencil Hack tutorial.

  • Mascara as Eyeliner Trick


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    Forgot your eyeliner at home? In a pinch, you can dab an angled brush against your mascara applicator and use it as a liner.

    Visit Nicole Skyes's YouTube channel for the Mascara as Eyeliner tutorial.

  • Colored Pencil as Eyeliner


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    Soak a nontoxic pencil in warm (not hot!) water for three to four minutes. Then apply as eyeliner or lip liner. You'll have every color of the rainbow for super cheap.

    Visit Rclbeauty101's YouTube channel for the Colored Pencil Eyeliner Tutorial.

  • Liquid Liner + Powder


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    A trick for eyeliner that won't budge? After you draw your cat eye with a liquid liner, use an angled brush to retrace it with a powder eyeshadow in the same color. The powder will seal your original liner for a smudge-proof look that'll last all day.

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  • DIY Gel Liner


    We all have that one eyeliner pencil that just won't go on smoothly. Here's how to make it more malleable: hold the liner nib (that's the part you draw with) in the flame of a lighter for two seconds. Then test it on your arm to make sure it isn't too hot to use. You should find that the pencil produces an intense line immediately. Voila, DIY gel liner!

  • Easy-Fix Eyeliner Hack


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    Did you color outside the lines or make your wing too thick? Dip a flat eyeliner brush into concealer and dab your mistake away.

    Visit RawBeautyKristi's YouTube channel for the Eyeliner Fix-It tutorial.

  • Q-Tip Cleanup Tip


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    A cotton swab can be the ultimate solution to a shaky hand. Dip your Q-Tip into makeup remover (or dab it against a cleansing cloth until it is wet). Then twisting the Q-Tip, move upward and under your base line to fix any out-of-line squiggles.

    Visit Elessa Jade's YouTube channel for the Eyeliner Perfecting tutorial.

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