31 Matching Couple Tattoos to Get With Your Favorite Person

We've all heard warnings about the "Curse of the Name Tattoo" -- don't get your significant other's name in ink unless you're itching to break up. Luckily, there are many other creative ways to express your love and connection through body art. These matching tats are strong apart, but better together -- just like you and your beau!


The following ink ideas are all very different, yet they have one thing in common: love (aw!).

So if you're thinking of wearing your heart on your sleeve, look through these awesome examples of couples who did matching tattoos right.

couple matching tattoos

Images (clockwise) via themisteraurelien/Instagram; Pepperink/Etsy; storyphotographers.com; The Guy With The Yellow Bike/Flickr; nicholsphotographers.com; melisamok/shutterstock


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