50 Matching Couple Tattoos to Share Forever & Ever

50 Matching Couple Tattoos to Share Forever & Ever
Image: sierra_granger/Instagram

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We've all heard dire warnings about the "curse of the name tattoo" -- because, as fairy-tale folklore goes, getting a significant other's name in ink is sure to provoke a breakup, right? Luckily, there happen to be many other creative ways to express love and connection through body art. These matching tats are strong apart, but better together!

The following ink ideas are all very different, yet they have one thing in common: love (aw!). These couples found matching symbols that range from whimsical to romantic to quirky to bold. And like the best relationships, each tattoo allows the wearer to express his or her individuality; yet, when put together, or side by side, the two images make an even more meaningful whole. Just talking about what ink symbolizes each person individually and together will make couples feel closer and more bonded than ever.

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Check these awesome examples of couples who did matching tattoos right. From colorful bonds and simple black and white designs to meaningful words and symbols, the thrill of finding a unique way to express togetherness will last a lifetime.