Stunning 60-Year-Old Grandma Will Gladly Share How to Look Decades Younger (VIDEOS)

youtube star melissa55For most women, age is something to run fast and furiously away from. Because apparently, if you look, act, or dress like you're over 30, you've already got one foot in the grave. But one beauty vlogger is bucking that tiresome trend. Gorgeous YouTube star Melissa55 is 60 and not scared to admit it.


How many times have you heard someone say about Madonna or Christie Brinkley or Jane Seymour (or thought it yourself): "She's aging well."

It's a compliment, of course. But you KNOW because these women are celebs and their appearance is crucial to their careers that they've had some serious help. So, seeing a pic of them in a bikini isn't THAT inspiring.

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What about the rest of us who don't make umpteen million dollars a year or have personal trainers, nutritionists, aestheticians, and plastic surgeons at our disposal? What will WE look like at an advanced age?

Probably nothing like that.

But luckily, we now have a REAL role model for Aging Gracefully. Known only by her YouTube handle, Melissa55 hails from a small town in Tennessee and is a grandmother of seven kids. As Jezebel discovered, Melissa55 has a YouTube page where she offers advice on things like getting a hair bump overnight and keeping an "old lady" workout routine.

Yes, the woman is 60 years old, but she has no interest in pretending she's not it by wearing teeny T-shirts from Forever 21 or piling on makeup. Instead, she swears her fountain of youth is using Retin-A and retinol but NOT moisturizer, because she thinks it makes skin too saggy and "lazy."

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Her videos are slow-paced and charming, and if you closed your eyes, you'd swear you were listening to your own grandma sweetly ramble on. But Melissa55 is IMPOSSIBLE to look away from. See for yourself.


We love that Melissa55 definitely ISN'T hiding anything (well, except from her husband, Doug, from whom she charmingly insists on hiding her beauty tricks!). In fact, she looks super-comfy with her age and simply takes great care of her skin and hair. As a result, she practically glows in each of these videos.

Maybe THAT'S the secret to aging gracefully: Stop fighting and allow yourself to enjoy it -- and allow others to enjoy who you've become, too.


Images via Melissa55/YouTube

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