Don't Wear This Designer Dress If You're Not Skinny or Straight

nicki minaj bandage dressWe've all seen the bandage dress on the red carpet. It's that sexy, super-form-fitting dress that's the go-to "body-con" dress choice for celebs like Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and Rihanna. But apparently, the popular bandage dress should NEVER be worn by "voluptuous" women and lesbians, according to one of the higher-ups at Herve Leger, the French fashion house known for creating the iconic look.


We know. It's bizarre. And at first glance, pretty effing rude.

Here's the gist. Yesterday, Patrick Couderc, the U.K. managing director of Herve Leger, gave an outspoken interview to the Daily Mail.

During his conversation with the reporter, he bluntly said that "voluptuous" women and "those with very prominent hips and a very flat chest" would be best to stay away from the figure-forming creation. (He also doesn't like old women wearing it, because they should dress their age.)

Then, he went on to add that "committed lesbians" shouldn't wear the bandage dress either -- but that they probably wouldn't because they prefer to look "butch and leisurely."

Such a stereotype! Has this man never heard of Cara Delevingne? Australian model Ruby Rose? What about Portia de Rossi?

There's a long list of gorgeous lesbians who would rock and have rocked a bandage dress in a minute, so obviously this man is pretty clueless.

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Now, about his other directive, that "voluptuous" women should steer clear of the bandage dress. Let's take his comment and put it in a different context.

Say you're a curvy woman, looking for a dress that shows off your body. You take your best friend shopping with you. In the fitting room, you try on a bandage dress. When you ask your friend, "What do you think? Like it?", sure, there is a chance she'll point out another dress that is more flattering for your shape.

Coming from someone you know -- like your good friend --  this "Eh, maybe not for you" comment is okay. You know she's got your best interests at heart.

But hearing a blanket statement sent down from some fashion bigwig on high? THAT doesn't fit so well.

What's more, many of the celebs who've made the bandage dress so popular have some of the most famous curves in the biz. Hello, Nicki Minaj ...

nicki minaj idol bandage dress

And Kim, Khloe, JLo, etc.!

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Ultimately, it's up to women to figure out what looks best on us, dude. May we suggest you see if there's an opening for the Fashion Police?

In the meantime, it also pays to note that BCBGMAXAZRIA Group, owners of Herve Lerger, said in a statement that Couderc is not an authorized spokesperson for the brand and that it was "shocked and appalled by Patrick Couderc’s comments made in the Mail on Sunday."


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