Jennifer Aniston's First Wedding Dress Photo Is Too Good to Be True

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's secret wedding is still a secret in that it really hasn't been confirmed by either of them yet -- we just know it really happened, even if we don't have much proof. But for a moment, everyone thought that changed when Jennifer Aniston posted a pic of her wedding dress on Facebook, and it was SO exciting ... until we looked at the photo and realized that it's 100 percent definitely not her.


It's also 100 percent definitely not even Jen's Facebook page -- it doesn't have the official sticker of approval, the URL is "JAnistonFans" (which we're ASSUMING Jen wouldn't chose for herself), and also, it says it's a fanpage in the description. But here's that dress:

Okay so yeah, if this came up in your news feed it would be misleading ... but I think we can all agree that while beautiful, the woman in that photo is definitely not Jennifer? I mean, come on. Totally different body type.

It's also not even close to the dress we'd imagine that Jen would choose, nor does it look anything like the one Jen is rumored to have worn.

And yet, people fell for it.

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Jennifer and Justin have the best private celebrity relationship pretty much ever, so we were surprised by the news that they had a super-secret wedding, but we weren't surprised that we were surprised ... if that makes sense. Anyways, the point is that everyone is itching for details about their nuptials, so we're clinging to literally anything

Maybe (probably not but maybe) this will spur Jen to post a photo of her real dress? God, I hope so. Details, Jen! We need details!


Image via Xavier Collin/Splash News

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