I'm Perfectly Fine With Paying More for a Larger Bra

bras hanging in storeMy BFF and I exist on totally different sides of the bra alphabet. She is a perky A/B cup. I am a robust F/G cup. It is rare to find a store that sells bras for the both of us, but if one did, should I have to pay more for my bras than she does for hers? It's a question that the web is debating in light of a recent post on Styleite that calls out Victoria's Secret for charging more for larger bras.


For writer Ashley Hoffman, the $2-4 difference in price for identical bras feels unfair and shaming to those with bigger breasts, something she describes as a total "b*tch move."

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To her note that it is hard enough to find bras in the E/F/G range, I say, "Preach it, sister!" But I can't get on board with disputing the price difference.

I don't love spending $2 more, but I also realize that my bras take more fabric, more underwire, more clasps than my friend's A cup will.

Now, there are other stores or brands that don't charge extra for larger cup sizes. But I'd suspect that just means that those in the smaller sized bras are getting ripped off! Someone has to eat the cost of the extra materials for bigger sizes, right?

If we are going to complain about bra options, let's talk about how UGLY most bras in the bigger sizes are. Most of them look like something that were made to be 100 percent functional and 0 percent pretty. Damn it -- I want polka dots and prints and matching underwear for my body, too!

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Listen, bra companies: I promise I won't complain about being charge a few dollars difference than my petite-breasted friend if you guys would just promise to actually make cute bras in my size. Deal?


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