How Do You Put a Bra On? The Answer Is More Controversial Than You'd Think!

woman clasping braThere's a huge debate raging among us, ladies. And this time it's not political nor does it have anything to do with a parenting issue. It all stems from a simple question: Do you clasp your bra in the back or hook it in the front and slide it into place? 


Whether you're a front-clasper or a fasten-it-first-and-slide-it-over-your-head-like-a-T-shirt or swivel-it-around-your-waist gal, chances are you think your way is the right way! 

After a quiz was posted on BuzzFeed asking readers to weigh in on just how they get their over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders into place, hilarity ensued as commenters sparred over the perfect way to put on a bra. Here are some of the funniest reactions, first, from the front-claspers:

"What sort of animal has the capacity to clasp it behind their back????" -- Alicia Rosa

"I don't have time for any of that back latching wizardry." -- Stephanie Lynn

"I put the bra on (already clasped) over my head like I'm putting on a shirt. I don't have time or the energy for anything else!" -- Rachel Hunter

"Same man, I got no time for trying to match up hooks and giving myself arm cramps in the process." -- Amanda Wilson

(This next one sounds like way too much exercise in the morning -- especially if you haven't had coffee yet!) 

"I fasten it and then shimmy it up over my legs/hips/waist and slip my arms through." -- Amalia Lytle

Some feel reaching your hands up behind your back is just physically not possible:

"Yeah, try back-clasping with HH cups and four hooks......#NotGonnaHappen." -- Sherri Numbles

Point taken! 

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"I do the same too, and boys are always a little amazed when they see me do this after sex rather than clasp at the back. And I'm just like IF YOU CAN'T DO IT THEN WHY SHOULD I?" -- Nainika Agrawal

And now for the back-claspers:

"Do front-claspers also tie their shoelaces with the bunny ears method." -- Sally Tamarkin

"HAAHAHAHA I put on my bra and clasp it in the back, it's not that difficult. But, you know, whatever works for you..." -- Lau Martin

"'I'm no hero. I put my bra on one boob at a time.'--Tina Belcher. But seriously, arms through the straps, left hand pinches away the extra fabric that hangs from the clasps, pulls the clasps to my right hand and my right hand puts the hooks and clasps together." -- Aina Dela Vega

"I'm so shocked to see so many 'front claspers,' like I did not even know that was a thing." -- Selena Hines

"I thought my mom is the only 'front clasper' hahahah 
I guess I was wrong..." -- Sabina Hadzic 

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Some people think you should just keep doin' what you're doin' and mind your own boobs business.

Where do you fall in this debate: front or back?


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