Here's What Disney Princesses Look Like Without Makeup (PHOTOS)

elsa without makeupAh, Disney princesses. Aside from their penchant for breaking into song at times of crisis and befriending everything from monsters to candelabras, they're just like us. And by that, we mean Disney princesses are not AS attractive without makeup.


What, did you think Ariel really came ashore with blush and foundation firmly in place? BuzzFeed has a hilarious post that will cause you to think differently.

Staff writer and illustrator Loryn Brantz digitally -- and brilliantly -- removed makeup from eight Disney princesses. Some natural beauties like Pocahontas and Belle fare pretty well. Others -- um, well, see for yourself.

First, here are three beautiful princesses we've all come to know and love.

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Now, let's see them au naturel.

elsa without makeup

Elsa's still super-cute, don't get us wrong. She just looks like she's ... 12.


Without eye makeup and lipstick, Tiana definitely looks less sultry. (If a Disney heroine can be described as such.)

snow white without makeup

Oh, dear. We don't even know where to start with this one. Maybe that Mirror, Mirror on the wall was broken?

In the words of the great Amy Schumer, "Girl, you don't need makeup. You're perfect when you wake up ... Just don't go outside like that, okay?"

Check out the rest of the makeup-free Disney princesses


Images via BuzzFeed; Loryn Brantz 

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