25 Must-Have Pieces for Your Fall Wardrobe (PHOTOS)

25 Must-Have Pieces for Your Fall Wardrobe (PHOTOS)

fall 2015 fashion trendsOnce summer comes to and end, the only thing that cheers me up is the thought of fall fashion! Yay for boots, chunky sweaters, and my favorite jeans ... and yay for the great fall trends that are actually super cute and wearable. You need an excuse to update your wardrobe, right?

From figure-flattering high-waisted jeans to sexy blouses the ladies of Mad Men would die for, this fall is all about '60s and '70s retro chic. It's also all about feeling cozy while looking great, staying warm and comfortable (whoa) in style, and busting out with some fun colors and patterns. Best of all, so many of the trends are very wearable -- they're not only made for 7-foot-tall, 16-year-old supermodels. Hooray! Ready to shop?


Images (clockwise) via shopbop.com; nordstrom.com; abercrombie.com; asos.com; macys.com; factory.jcrew.com


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