Katie Holmes Works an Acid-Wash Denim Minidress Like Only She Can (PHOTO)

Ladies, could you pull off this dress? Would you even want to? Actress Katie Holmes zipped herself into a minuscule acid-wash dress for a movie she's also directing. Guess who she's playing? I'll give you a hint: She's everyone's favorite person to judge ...


That's right, she's a single mom! Natch.

Holmes is starring in and directing the upcoming film All We Had, an adaptation of a novel by Annie Weatherwax. It's about a single mom who moves to Ohio following the 2008 financial crisis, which is when we were all wearing acid wash, remember? Oh wait no, that was the 1990s.

But you know, this is totally how single moms dress all the time. I should know, I'm divorced, which is not exactly the same thing as a single mom but close enough. Kids + no ring = instant floozy. It's all about advertising your sexual availability, but in a completely outdated way so as to attract jerks and jerks only. Holmes of all people show know that, as a divorced mom herself.

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Check out the whole ensemble! Incidentally, this is the exact look I would have on my face, too, if I were wearing this frock. It's kind of a "zipper, don't fail me now!" combined with "dignity, you are but a faint memory."

I think we all know this would be more flattering with heels. Who wears a minidress with flats? Let's check out the back.

OMG, don't bend over, Katie! Don't bend over! (You can see what happens when she bends over in the Daily Mail article -- now don't all rush over there to look.)

All joking aside, Holmes looks pretty good, actually. It's not SO small that she's falling out of it. Well, not when she's standing upright, anyway. Her arms and shoulders look super toned. 

We can't wait to see why Holmes's character is wearing such train wreck of an outfit. Is she trying to get a job from the sexist owner of a garden center? Is she picking up plants for her pimp? "Bitch better have my delphiniums!" We'll have to wait and see.


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