Try on Wild Hair Colors With This Easy (& Temporary) Trick (VIDEO)

Rachel brook hair color with eye shadowWant to try out some of the crazy hair colors the celebrities are sporting but don't have the nerve to commit to them full-time? Well, you're in luck! Makeup artist and YouTube sensation Rachael Brook shares her temporary solution and you won't believe how simple it is. 


The stylist recommends grabbing your eye shadow and getting to work! Take a look:

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Pretty amazing, right? We love that she combined the two shades to create the hue that she wanted. This definitely seems like a perfect sleepover activity for kids to try! So much fun to change up your look temporarily and inexpensively.

And as she says, if you're not happy with it, not to worry, it all washes out by the end of the day!


Image via Rachael Brook/YouTube

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