'Redbook' Gets Real With Groundbreaking, Body Positive Cover for September Issue (PHOTO)

redbook september cover real womenSeptember is traditionally the month when women's magazines go for broke by featuring the latest haute couture outfits worn by the the impossibly skinny top supermodels of the moment. But this year, Redbook magazine is flipping the script -- the Redbook September issue cover features REAL women rocking real-world fashion options.


Do we LOVE this? Yes, yes, we do!

Check out the mag's reveal of the cover in all of its glory.

So gorgeous!

The cover models were chosen from over 5,000 women who nominated themselves by submitting a descriptions of their style. The chosen six were picked by readers and celebrity judges, and, we must say, each of them ended up looking truly amazing on the cover.

Meredith Rollins, editor-in-chief of Redbook, notes on RedbookMag.com that the magazine wanted to respond to women who are "aching to see relatable, familiar kinds of bodies and faces reflected back at us from the media, an antidote to the almost alien-like perfection of celebrities and supermodels."

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I love that Rollins was also keeping it real by pointing out one of the most glaring hypocrisies in her own industry, noting:

The media spends a lot of time pretending to celebrate diversity, sending up a self-congratulatory cheer whenever a magazine puts someone who isn't pin-thin on a cover. It's a step in the right direction, but it's awfully small. I, for one, don't want to believe that it only takes a famous face or a million-dollar wardrobe or a size-zero body to sell magazines.

She goes onto share a slew of beauty and style tips from these new cover stars, like how to achieve big, Texas hair or rock a bold statement lip.

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A magazine showcasing attainable style for all body shapes and on real-world budgets -- from women like you and me?! Yes, please! Also? I really need those yellow heels!


Image via RedbookMag/Instagram

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