12 Brilliant Nail Hacks for Gorgeous DIY Manicures (PHOTOS)

nail polishIn a perfect world, my butler would bring me breakfast in bed every day and give me manicures, but, alas, life is cruel. I have neither the time nor the money to get my nails done on the regular, so DIY it is! If, like me, you lack butler and budget, yet love a good manicure, then I bet you're all ears when it comes to smart nail hacks, tips, and tricks.

Whether you're into detailed nail art, or just want to know how to easily fix smudges, these nail hacks will make your at-home manicures so much easier. Now you just have to do the hard part ... pick your color!

manicure nail hacks 

Image © AndreaAstes/iStock and Nik Merkulov/shutterstock

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