Drew Barrymore Spills Beauty Tips That Couldn't Be More Perfect for Moms

drew barrymore selfie instagramIs there anything that Drew Barrymore doesn't do?! Building on her film resume since she was just a kid in E.T., the 40-year-old A-list actress is now a mom of two, producer, wine entrepreneur, and most recently, owner of the beauty brand FLOWER. In fact, Drew just visited a University of Arkansas sorority to share her best beauty tips.


For instance, while talking to the sorority sisters about her new FLOWER optical line, she discussed the best way to apply eyeliner to look more awake. (A good one even if you don't wear glasses!) According to People, Drew explained:

A great trick if you want to open your eyes underneath your glasses is to take your eyeliner - and we traditionally go on the bottom waterline - take it and do it all across the top waterline, all the way into the corners. Follow the half almond from front to back and then do your mascara and add a few more layers on the bottom and the two balance each other out. It opens up your eyes twice as big!

She's totally right. Applying eyeliner on the inside of your lower waterline might be the easier way to apply, but it closes and narrows the eye, creating more of a dramatic look. If you take a little bit of extra time and outline the entire eye, you get a more emphasized look.

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Most beauty tips don't take into account makeup hacks for ladies with lenses, so we're loving Drew's easy suggestion.

The Hollywood mama also showed off her modest side. Despite having a bank account that gives her the opportunity to pop bubbly for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (mmmmm ... champagne!), she's all about getting the most bang out of your buck when you're spending on beauty, noting:

The same formulas you get from a department store and luxury brands, you're getting here [with FLOWER]. I'm not a fancy pants -- I know what the best of the best is, and I know how to get access to it.

Yes! Raise your hand if you have one (or two!) of those "cheaper" beauty products as a go-to in your makeup bag!

We love that she keeps it simple and recognizes that not all expensive products are created equal. As a mother of two girls, instilling these types of values at an early age will most definitely pay off in the long-run.


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