Bizarre Plus-Size Leggings Ad Deserves Major Backlash (PHOTO)

aliexpress leggingsWhen you're shopping for clothes online, chances are you appreciate seeing a model who at least somewhat resembles your body type. You need to imagine what YOU'LL look like in this outfit, after all. But one international retailer has taken a disastrous, fat-shaming approach to advertising plus-size leggings.


International retailer AliExpress sells leggings up to a size 5XL for just $12. On their site, some colors are shown being worn by a woman truly that size. And they're super-cute! But strangely, other shots feature a petite woman crammed into just one SIDE of the leggings.

If reading that makes you go, "What the --?" then wait till you see the picture, which recently went viral after being posted to Reddit

We're dying to ask the company's marketing team: Just who exactly do you think your customers are? Thin women with four legs? Or women who love being made to feel HUMONGOUS and humiliated because of their size?

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Either way, the marketing scheme feels pretty clueless. But when the Daily Mail broke the story, hundreds of commenters didn't necessarily agree. In fact, they got so nasty that they kinda overshadowed the weird photos.

"GOT to motivate people to lose weight when one of your legs is the size of someone's entire body," wrote one. "Fat people are so annoying," wrote another. "How about do us all a favor and lose some weight and you won't have to wear massive trousers."

And when someone tried to point out that "fat people have feelings, too," another commenter said, sure, but "usually feelings of hunger, greed, laziness, and gluttony." Wow.

AliExpress has yet to comment on the pictures -- or drop them from their site -- but unfortunately, neither action will automatically make the world's population less judgmental.

We're all different sizes, people. But unfortunately, that goes for kindness, too.

Images via AliExpress

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