Non-Model Spoofs Famous Fashion Ads & the Result Is Awesome (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Aug 10, 2015 Beauty & Style

nathalie croquet spoofThe September issues of major fashion mags are now hitting stands, which means you can get an even heftier fix of glossy ads featuring flawless supermodels! But if you're looking for the antidote to all that uber-Photoshopped hotness, look no further than French photographer Nathalie Croquet's headline-making photo series Spoof, which aims to get us talking about what really sells in fashion: fantasy or reality?

With some help from photographer Daniel Schweizer, Nathalie recreated a series of high fashion ads featuring herself instead of the original models. And because she looks more like the average woman than say, Gisele or Kate Moss, the images are refreshing and conversation-spurring to say the least!

Here, 10 photos from the series that are sure to make you smile.


Image via Daniel Schweizer & Nathalie Croquet

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