The Best 'Resting Bitch Faces' in Hollywood & What's Really Going on Behind Them (PHOTOS)

Resting Bitch Face (RBF) is a condition that afflicts many celebrities. On the outside, they look like they're totally bitchy. But on the inside? No bitchiness. No, none at all. 

Come, join us for a look inside the heads of celebrities with RBF. What they're really thinking may surprise you.


Image via SartorialPhoto/Splash News

  • Anna Kendrick


    Image via All Access Photo/Splash News

    "Oh man, remind me never to wear black leather jeans in the hot L.A. sun ever again! Actually, remind me never to wear black leather jeans, period."

  • Anna Paquin


    Image via  TC/Splash News

    "Crap, I just realized what this dress reminds me of: a bull fighter's costume. How does that song in Carmen go again? Toréador, en garde! Toréador! Toréador!"

  • January Jones


    Image via SartorialPhoto/Splash News

    "Should I get bangs, or are they too 2013? I kind of want to, but then I'd be stuck with them. Maybe I could get those clip-on temporary bangs ... nah, those look stupid ..."

  • Victoria Beckham


    Image via XactpiX/Splash News

    "Oh God, David is doing yet another underwear ad. I'm glad the world appreciates how fine his tushie is, but honestly, enough is enough! I miss having him all to myself."

  • Kristen Stewart


    Image via KCS Presse/Splash News

    "I'm the first American woman to win a Cesear award! Oh my God, do you think people will stop thinking of me as that girl from the Twilight movies now?"

  • Tyra Banks


    Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

    "Yeah, I got my smize game down. Watch me smize. Smizey smizey smizey."

  • Kourtney Kardashian


    Image via Clint Brewer / Splash News

    "I am so happy that I can focus my energy on creating world peace, now!"

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  • Megan Fox


    Image via  Derek Storm/Splash News

    "Oh crap, I think I just started my period. Right now. And I don't have any protection with me! No no no no no no. Can I blink an S.O.S. to my assistant? Will she know what that means, or will I just look insane?"

  • Charlize Theron


    Image via Image Press/Splash News

    "Oh man, it's going to be sooo awkard to re-film those scenes with Sean after breaking up with him. I should have planned that better!"

  • Jennifer Lopez


    Image via ACE/ News

    "Can't. Breathe. In. This. Dress. Help."

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  • Anna Wintour


    Image via Splash News

    "Kevin Bacon is right. We do need more male nudity in the movies. Definitely."

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  • Kanye West


    Image via Splash News

    "You know what? Fur pillows are actually hard to sleep on."

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