Your Dress Size Doesn't Matter & That's a Beautiful Thing (PHOTOS)

#samesizedifferenteyesBe honest. How many times have you squeezed yourself into a smaller size just so you'd feel happier with the number on the tag? Or, conversely, had to buy a larger size than you normally wear, and hated yourself for it? Well, a new campaign called #SameSizeDifferentEyes has a message for you: Relax. The size you are is beautiful -- and uniquely YOU.


Ever heard of SmartGlamour? It's a fashion line founded by 28-year-old Mallorie Carrington from Queens, but it isn't just "fashionable, affordable clothing." (Although it is that, too.)

Every handmade item sold online, from super-cute dresses and skirts to swimsuits, can be customized according to your exact figure. 

Have longer arms than most women? No prob. Shorter legs and bigger hips than a typical size 6? Done and done. Send the company your measurements, and for a surprisingly cheap $20 add-on charge, they'll customize your selection just for you.

So, that's all cool. But to drive the point home that you should be happy with the body you have, because truly, it's the ONLY one like it in the universe, Carrington has launched #SameSizeDifferentEyes.

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To promote the campaign, six pairs of women were photographed wearing the same clothing. And despite their technically being the "same" size, their clothes look totally different. See for yourself:




#samesizedifferenteyes Pretty eye-opening, right?

Carrington says she's always been bothered by how negatively women speak of themselves. She started SmartGlamour "to give women a tangible tool to help them embrace their bodies," she tells us exclusively.

But that can be challenging when we all not-so-secretly equate our identities -- and self-worth -- with our dress size.

"We live in a society where women are taught, subconsciously and blatantly, that we should not take up space -- as we don't deserve to occupy it," says Carrington. "Because of this, ask almost any woman and she'll say she'd rather be a small than a medium, a large than an extra-large, or a 2X than a 3X."

Carrington hopes that SmartGlamour's campaign will underscore the message that "all bodies are equal in our diversity."

"Every single body is different," she says, "and even a size small, which is so highly praised, comes in different shapes and proportions ... We need to stop expecting our bodies to mirror every ad we see ... There is no wrong way to be a size XXS-6X and beyond -- and we should stop being afraid of our frames and proportions and learn to befriend them instead."

And THAT message is definitely one size fits all.


Images courtesy of Mallorie Carrington/SmartGlamour

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