Katie Holmes Dresses Like Suri, But It's Not Working (PHOTO)

Katie Holmes crazy outfitEveryone's entitled to an off day. The usually super-fashionable actress Katie Holmes stepped out in Manhattan in one of the strangest ensembles we've seen in a while. Each piece alone would've been, well, interesting, but put 'em all together and ...


The ex–Mrs. Tom Cruise paired red patterned leggings (Sorry, Katie, Hulk Hogan called and he wants them back) with a denim button-down shirt, a silver backpack decorated with red stars (please let that be Suri's!), and sky-high black-and-gold stilettos. (Those also might be Suri's.)

Katie Holmes crazy outfit

Can someone say laundry day? Have you seen such a random match-up since your freshman year first-period Monday morning calculus class? Or maybe her luggage was lost and these pieces were at the bottom of that snazzy knapsack?

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Seriously, the Ray Donovan star typically stuns us with her looks, but this time it's for all the wrong reasons. Maybe this is really a "costume" for a role. Yeah, let's hope that's it.

We get it, she's a busy, single mom and perhaps if she'd slipped on a pair of Chuck Taylors with those pants we wouldn't have thought twice about it. It's just that we're used to seeing her looking so glamorous. Let's hope she returns to her stylish self soon.



 Images via Splash News & JosiahW / Splash News

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