The Earrings Hack That's Driving Us All Mad -- Where Do You Stand? (PHOTO)

earring backing One woman's simple earring revelation has taken the Internet by storm. In a photo posted to Twitter, Chelsea Smith shared that she just realized that you're supposed to remove the plastic portion that surrounds an earring's backing.


But what now seems obvious to Chels has sparked a huge debate among just about anyone with ears!

Here's the photo that has caught the attention of the world at large:

If you've been tossing those little plastic circles in the trash for years and are thinking, "Duh, Chelsea, no kidding!" you may want to think again ...

Apparently, many people choose to keep those tiny rings right where they are for additional support for your earlobes. Especially when wearing heavier baubles. Who knew something this simple could cause such controversy?! Check out the uproar on Twitter.

Some have even offered their quasi-medical/scientific opinions:

Armed with this new knowledge, others say they'll still keep that plastic intact.

Where do you stand on this earring debate? Weigh in below!

Image via Galina Tcivina/shutterstock 

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