Looking Like a Supermodel in Photos Just Got So Much Easier (VIDEO)

Models and actors are born beautiful, thin, and spend tons of time and money on maintenance. So that's why they look so incredible in photos, right? Nope. Stars' secret to looking hot in photos is called "squinching," and it's the new smizing (Tyra Banks's America's Next Top Model coinage of "smiling with your eyes").


"Confidence comes from the eyes, as does fear," explains photographer and entrepreneur Peter Hurley, who came up with and named the trick, and whose squinching tutorial has gone viral. "You've heard of a deer in the headlights. There, the eyes are so big. So, at first, I thought the opposite was squinting."

He'd tell the actors whose head shots he did to squint, but it just looked like they were staring into the sun. (Not a good look for anyone except Clint Eastwood.)

So, that wasn't quite it. Squinching evolved when Hurley realized that by dropping the upper eyelid just slightly, and then, pinching your lower eyelid, it gave the face a cool look and shapes up the cheekbones a bit. Check out his how-to video "It's All About the Squinch." 

Practice, he says, makes perfect. "I tell people to do their mirror work," Hurley tells us. "Go in front of a mirror and build muscle memory. Make sure the upper eyelid doesn't come down too far and the lower lid comes up."

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You need to be able to tense the medial palpebral ligament, he says. (What?) "It's very, very subtle, and it's hard for people to grasp, but it's a huge difference in what they convey to the camera -- and it's all about confidence," he explains. "One of the things I tell clients to do is pretend that they are a superhero who has laser beams shooting out of their eyes, and they're trying to hit a Transformer or alien spaceship coming toward them."

Got that? Good.

Because you need to get a good squinch on. "Now, we all have this digital identity, and we need or want nice photos digitally and online," says Hurley, who cofounded personal branding agency Psyphotology.com. "You want to put your best face out there for people to see. We've all become so visual because we're on our smart devices all the time, and people are taking selfies like crazy."

Hurley readily shares the wisdom garnered from decades of shooting portraits of celebs such as Sofia Vergara, Arianna Grande, Chris Matthews, and Mikhail Baryshnikov in his videos and a book The Headshot (out on August 3). A previous video on how to shape your jawline in photos has about 2.5 million views on YouTube.

Up next, he says, is a tutorial on how to make your outer, upper arms look thinner in photos (sign us up!).


Image via Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images

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