We Really Hope Gisele Bundchen Didn't Actually Wear a Burqa to Go Get Plastic Surgery

Page Six is claiming that Gisele Bundchen dressed in a burqa to get a secret boob job in Paris. We'll pause here to let that sink in because OMG, there is so much going fantastically wrong in that story we don't even know where to start.


Deep breath! Okay, so here's what the New York Post is alleging. Sources -- yes, that's plural -- say Gisele and her sister Rafaela, while wearing burqas with open-toe sandals, were driven to the very posh International Clinique du Parc Monceau for surgery. Supposedly Giselle paid about $11,000 to have work done on her breasts and eyes. 

The surgery is said to be a 35th birthday and retirement present to herself -- in addition to addressing concerns she had that childbearing had caused her breasts to sag. Bunchden's longtime chauffeur was the one to drive the sisters to the clinic and then, the next day, from the clinic to a spa where they stayed for five days before returning home.

Did we mention this happened during the Muslim holiday, Ramadan? And that burqas have been banned in France since 2010? And that if you're observant enough to wear a burqa you would also know that showing off your toes is also forbidden by some segments of the Muslim community?

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So there's that -- it's just plain disrespectful to use another culture's religious garb as a disguise, especially for something like plastic surgery. I mean, that cultural insensitivity is gross enough on its own.

But then there's this burning question -- what the hell is Gisele Bundchen doing going under the knife? Isn't that a little like tinkering with the Sistine Chapel? Who would dare?

Worst of all, she's one of the most famously gorgeous women on planet Earth, and she's still like, "Nope, not beautiful enough." I mean, sure, she probably doesn't look exactly the same as she did 10 years ago. But come on. Getting plastic surgery on that face and that body seems, I don't know, downright ungrateful.

I guess it just goes to show, you can be declared the most beautiful woman in the world and still feel insecure about your looks. It doesn't matter how many magazine covers she's done, how much money she's made, none of that was enough to make Gisele feel like she's beautiful enough the way she is. It's all just noise. If anything, I wonder if constantly having your image everywhere made her hypercritical. What a tragedy, not being able to relax and simply enjoy how gorgeous you are.

That is, assuming this outrageous story is true -- and we hope it's not!

For the rest of us, this is just a reminder that no amount of outside affirmation can make you feel as beautiful as looking in the mirror and deciding to love yourself the way you are.


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