Woman Sent Home From Work for Wearing 'Revealing' Shorts She Got in 'Career' Section (VIDEO)

sylva jc penney employee twitterImagine coming to work dressed neatly and professionally: hair brushed and back, makeup on, shirt carefully tucked. What if your boss's reaction was: "Uh, can you go change?" Wacky, right? But that's exactly what happened to a J.C. Penney employee who was sent home for wearing "too revealing" shorts.


Seventeen-year-old Sylva Stoel of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, came into work at J.C. Penney last week dressed super cute in a sleeveless blue shirt, thong sandals, and red linen shorts. And you know, she's a teen so of course she posted a selfie on Twitter. You can see for yourself, she looked totally ready to ring people up in the "Career" clothing section where she was hired two weeks ago.

But Sylva's boss did NOT think so. Allegedly, 10 minutes after she arrived, he was all, "Uh, how fast do you think you can go home and change?" The clothing item in question was Sylva's shorts ... which she bought at J.C. Penney's "Career" section.

According to Sylva, her boss thought they were "too revealing." And apparently JC Penney's dress code policy is all "No Shorts. EVER."

Has no one told its CEOs that it's 2015, not 1915?

Sylva, understandably affronted, quit on the spot. Then, because she's a teen, and it's 2015, and she has the Twitter handle @queenfeminist, she went and blew up the incident on social media.

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Dress codes that are non-gender-specific are a totally valid idea, Sylva clarified. For instance, she's all for "no gang attire, no explicit imagery, no pajamas."

(We second that. PLEASE, no pajamas!)

But, she argued, why should women be singled out to cover up their legs and arms?

It's a great point ... but one made slightly less so by the shot of Sylva on Twitter flipping off the camera. That just makes her look like a kid in the back of English class who was caught talking and flips off the teacher once her back is turned.

Sure, J.C. Penney needs to get with the program and understand that a) women have legs, and b) it's really totally okay for them to be shown in public. It won't make men spontaneously ejaculate.

As for Sylva, might we suggest that she could have considered the bigger picture? Walking off your job? Cool to make a point, but sucks for your coworkers who had to cover your shift. And great that you're getting support and publicity from Twitter, but that's a fleeting thing. (Trust us on that.)

What would have happened if you really had gone home from work, changed clothes, but STILL tweeted about what happened?

Or stapled plastic bags together, called them a skirt, and announced to every customer you helped that day that J.C. Penney made you cover up your legs and isn't that a ridiculous, outdated policy, and would they please complain on their way out of the store?

Or got your coworkers to sign a petition, asking J.C. Penney to change its dress code? Hell, you could have started an online petition that got thousands of signatures.

Now, you're out of a job and someone else has probably already done it.

Saying, "Screw you, I'm out of here" works sometimes. But saying, "Screw you, I'm staying here to CHANGE things" is sometimes even more effective.

But hey, cute shorts!


Images via queenfeminist/Twitter

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