Woman Calls Out Store for Using Scary Skinny Mannequins & Gets Incredible Response (PHOTO)

topshop viral mannequin postWhile it's a common cliché that all women love to shop, the truth is that shopping can sometimes be a tiring and frustrating experience. This is especially true when you're faced with mannequins that represent totally unrealistic or perhaps just one particular body type. Mannequins like the extremely thin ones at Topshop, for which the international retail chain is now under fire.


Last week, a shopper named Laura Berry from Gloucestershire, U.K., posted a picture of the offending mannequins, whose measurements are equivalent to a woman who is just over 6 feet tall and a size 4. Berry included a passionate letter calling on the store to consider the effect of the mannequins on the body image of young women. Check it out.

Dear Topshop, having been paid yesterday, I decided to spoil myself by purchasing a new pair of my favourite Jamie...

Posted by Laura Kate Berry on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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After Berry's post got over 3,800 likes and was shared hundreds of times, Topshop responded by noting that not only do they think "it's important to showcase a healthy size image, from the choice of models used in campaigns, to the stories featured online and on the blog," but they plan to stop ordering this model of mannequin. Love it!

While there are commenters who claim that bigger mannequins would promote obesity (insert eye roll here!), others noted that they've left stores without buying anything because they felt too self-conscious to shop there. Perhaps mannequins with more realistic body shapes might even turn out to be good for business?

Personally, we think it would be amazing if more stores followed after Topshop and we started to see mannequins that -- gasp! -- actually looked like most women!


Image via Topshop/Facebook

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