Quiz That Matches You With Your Celebrity Body Doppelgänger Is Eerily Accurate

woman looking at her body in a mirrorEver flipped through the pages of a tabloid when you spotted a pic of a star and secretly thought, "You know, I kinda look like that." (Even if it was just her thighs ...) A new website and app called Fitbay allows you to genuinely find your celeb body match -- and put that newly acquired info to fashionable use!


Here's the deal: Fitbay's celeb body match quiz asks you specific Qs about your body type -- if you have long arms, for instance, or maybe a short torso, what the general shape of your body is, plus your height and weight.

Be honest, now, because that data then gets crunched to reveal your celebrity body lookalike. Don't worry! Obvs, you're going to be happy with whatever result you get. You're being matched with a stunning actress or model, after all, be it Alyson Hannigan, Angelina Jolie, or Mindy Kaling. (One of the Stir editors got America Ferrera, which she found eerie, because she's constantly told she looks like her!)

The next step? You get to see followers around the world who also share your same body type. And if they've filled out their profile, you'll even get to see pics of them in their fave outfits, including what brands they're wearing.

It's sort of like a better-fitting cross between Pinterest and Polyvore. And one of my U.K. doppelgangers just turned me on to a super-cute pair of sandals that I'm now going to splurge on!

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But besides the fact this is a potentially MAJOR time-suck, there is at least one potential downside to the new social network ...

Comparing yourself to celebs who have the luxury of employing a personal chef and trainer and whose full-time jobs are to look near-perfect is never a fab idea. But comparing yourself to other normal folk is equally worrisome.

We're our own worst enemy, which means that after clicking through picture after picture of other women, it's quite possible we may feel like we come up short. (Or we could end up criticizing other women like they're nothing more than paper dolls.)

So, sure, take the quiz. Satisfy your curiosity. Then, if you truly need outfit suggestions, it may be best to visit a brick-and-mortar store and hit up those fitting rooms with a real-life friend!


Image via razyph/iStock

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