The Latest 'Human Barbie' Is Way More Fun Than All the Rest (PHOTOS)

human barbieJust when you thought there wasn't room for yet another Human Barbie, a new one has arrived on the scene. But this one is different -- the newest, "Russian Barbie" is way more fun than the others. Meet Tatyana Tuzova.


Unlike her Ukrainian competitor Valeria Lukyanova, this Moscow singer and model is all about living la vida Barbie, as you can see from her Instagram account. She makes public appearances and poses for photos as the doll. But it's more than that -- it's a lifestyle. "It's got to the point where I can't tell the difference between Tatyana and Barbie anymore," she tells the Daily Mail.

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For example, she drives a bright pink Barbie car.

Ð�енÑ�Ñ� колеÑ�а ))

A photo posted by ТаÑ�Ñ�Ñ�на ТÑ�зова (@tuzova.tatyana) on

She wears the kinds of clothes Barbie dolls wear -- like this sparkly sequin heart T-shirt. 


A photo posted by ТаÑ�Ñ�Ñ�на ТÑ�зова (@tuzova.tatyana) on

Hello, these shoes?!? So. Barbie.

Tuzova looks every bit the part -- and yet, she also manages to still look somewhat human. Ish? The 28-year-old has dieted and exercised herself to Barbie-like proportions, she tells the Daily Mail. But she swears she's never had plastic surgery.

A lot of her Barbie magic comes down to the outfits which ... holy roses! Is this a custom gown, or can this be purchased off-the-rack? I'm asking for a friend.

We're not even sure what's happening here, but it sure looks happy. 1001 Arabian Nights of Barbie? I Dream of Barbie genie?

Tuzova draws the line when it comes to her taste in men. "I don't like Ken, though," she says. "He doesn't look like a man at all. He's way too feminine." She prefers men who are "big, strong, and un-pampered." Oh well, sorry Human Ken!

So, there are limits to how far Tuzova's love of all things Barbie goes. But that's okay -- we still love her style.


Image via tuzova.tatyana/Instagram

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