Weird New Jeans Make It Easy to Look Hot & Keep Your Cool in the Summer

jeans on mannequinsThe trendiest new jeans aren't "skinny," from your "boyfriend," or even made of organic cotton. Launched in Hong Kong in May, Lee's Jade Fusion line weaves crushed jade stone into denim. The (supposed) result: a wickedly-wicking fabric that supposedly keeps you cool on hot days.


We all know (or, admittedly, are) women addicted to their jeans. These gal pals think that denim, even when it's stretchy, best holds their junk in perky place and has a Spanx-like effect on stomach pooch. They're the ones sporting dark skinnies even when the mercury hits 90 degrees. 

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Well, now they can throw on what Lee calls "denim refreshment," if they can go shopping in China, that is. For now, that's the only place these pants will be sold. And get this: They’ve sold out in the first seven weeks.

Here you can watch how the fabric is made.

Here in the U.S., we've had the option of pants infused with everything from insect repellant to sunscreen to odor-fighting copper and zinc. One brand even offers workout pants made with fabric packed full of caffeine, retinol, fatty acids, aloe vera, and vitamin E (the goal being to smooth orange-peel thighs). 

Some additives to fabric make them waterproof, flame retardant, or wrinkle-free, and are questionable if not downright unhealthy. But we're hoping jade -- which has special value in China, being associated with royalty -- won't turn out to have any side effects, other than looking (and feeling) cool, that is. 


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