Put Your Hands Up, Miley's Waxing Her Pits (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus

She can't stop. She won't stop. Miley Cyrus just keeps grossing us out. Her latest Instagram-capade: waxing her pits for the world to see. And just wait, it gets grosser. Because of course it does.


I mean, we smiled when Miley showed off her grown-out underarm hair with full FTW attitude because it's like a post-feminist statement about women's body hair and how we've been brainwashed and programmed to think it's wrong and bad. And we laughed when she dyed it pink.

So, we get it, Miley: with the pasties, public waxing, sticking your tongue out, the butt photos, the twerking. She's kind of like a 13-year-old boy who wants to show off his giant bursting pimple or who waves a booger around to make you scream. You want to shock us. 

R.I.P P.I.T @katyweaver

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Well, mission accomplished. But love you nevertheless, because you care about LGBT youth with your Happy Hippie Foundation and #InstaPride.

Even though it's going to be really hard to un-see this:

Ew #rip #pit @bradpitt

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