Makeup Artist Transforms Into 4 Kardashians In 1 Minute (VIDEO)

Makeup Artist Becomes KardashiansShe's at it again! In a video you have to see to believe, makeup magician Kandee Johnson transforms into four of the Kardashian-Jenner ladies in under one minute. The results are phenomenal and will have you reaching for your mascara moments after you watch this! 


Seriously, they're all so amazing it's hard to decide which "K" she resembles most -- Kylie, Kris, Kim, or Khloe. See for yourself!  

We all know makeup can do some pretty wild things: conceal, (er, camouflage) wrinkles and uneven skin tones, highlight our best features, and, in general, just give us a fresh, new look. But this is truly unbelievable! 

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It helps, too, that Johnson has totally nailed the reality stars' trademark expressions -- from Kris's signature squint to Kim's infamous pucker.

If we had to choose, we'd say her "Kris" is probably the most remarkable, but they're all super-impressive. We'd expect nothing less from the artist who's able to turn herself into Angelina Jolie and Barbie in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee. 

Wouldn't you love to see her up close and in person? We're dying to know if you can see her real eyebrows under the ones she drew! Also, we can't help but wonder how long it takes to get all that makeup off again. However much work it is, it would still be worth it to step out of your home and see if you can fool any Kardashian-Jenner fans, wouldn't it? 

It would also make for some pretty hilarious pranks. Like, oh look, there's Kris haggling over garden tools at a garage sale. Or, hey, is that Kylie at the local library reading War and Peace?? Kim, did you really just toss some of Kanye's fashions in a Good Will bin?

Wow, we could definitely have a lot of fun with this one!


Images via BuzzFeedVideo/YouTube

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