Kim Zolciak Looks Totally Different, But It May Not Be What You Think (PHOTO)

kim zolciakWhen it comes to her beauty routine, Don't Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak is anything but shy. The celeb mama takes to Instagram on the regular to snap selfies and share her fave products and treatments, from faux lashes to waist trainers to anti-aging Coolaser sessions. But her new Instagram pic is getting tongues wagging, because Kim Z. looks noticeably different.


The RHOA's eyebrow-raising caption not only noted that she was en route to L.A. and wearing faux lashes, but alluded to people around her having "an agenda." Okay. Check it out.

We can't be absolutely positive what she's getting all defensive about, but surely the mom-of-six can't be thrilled with the backlash the snap has triggered.

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Since the post went up, trolls have come out in droves to rip her for getting plastic surgery, perhaps a nose job. Okay, sure, knowing Kim's track record, it's a possibility, but the eyebrow-raising look could also be the result of contouring makeup, the lighting, or something less invasive like a bit of fresh Botox.

Whatever the case, who cares? Kim's gorge! Whether she wants to rock Barbie-esque lips or undergo cosmetic treatments now and then, more power to her if it makes her feel good. And if you're jealous, don't be; it's not like the reality star is keeping her anti-aging tips a secret!


Image via Bravo

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