Rihanna Steps Out in Barbie-Inspired Heels That Are a Little Girl's Dream Come True (PHOTOS)

RIhanna This singer and style maven has been known to try out some pretty outrageous looks. But this time it was Rihanna's feathery footwear, paired with see-through pajamas, that turned our heads.


Check out these kicks -- if you can tear your eyes away from the rest of the ensemble, that is. 


How feminine and pretty are these! They're like every little girl's dream slipper! While they may seem a bit impractical for navigating city streets, you have to admit, they do complete the look!


What she's doing out at night dressed like this is a whole 'nother story, but still, they're pretty fun, right? Didn't Barbie have ones just like these? There's something about these heels that make you feel pretty certain the owner is anything but ordinary!

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If you think you're ready to rock this look RiRi-style, we found the perfect feathered pair pictured below ($32.95-$48.98, depending on size and color, amazon.com) so you too can take your pajama game to new heights! (I dare a kid to tell his mom he doesn't like her breakfast cereal choices when she's got these on!)

RIhanna shoes

Even if you just saved them for special occasions -- and don't ask me what those might be -- it would be pretty cool to have these in the closet!


Image via Splash News and Amazon.com

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