Jennie Garth's Vintage-Inspired Floral Wedding Dress Is Absolutely Stunning (VIDEO)

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Mom-of-three Jennie Garth has always seemed down-to-earth and completely genuine. Except when she was playing Kelly Taylor on 90210 -- though even Kelly had some moments. Fans really felt emotional over her divorce from Peter Facinelli. So when Jennie got engaged to Dave Abrams, I knew he had to be a good guy and the wedding was going to be magical and heartfelt. It certainly was. And we just have to take one look at Jennie's wedding dress to understand how enchanting it was.


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Designed by Claire Pettibone, Jennie's dress was custom-made but inspired by several of Pettibone's gowns. This dress is absolutely stunning. That floral embroidery perfectly complimented the setting, which was on Jennie's six-acre ranch in Los Olivos, California. The flowers were all picked from Jennie's garden. This wedding was something she planned with love -- the details are simply darling. The cake, for example, featured a bride and groom topper that Jennie painted herself to match her dress and Dave's suit. Also there were three birds to represent Jennie's three daughters.

Go ahead. Take a moment. Collection your emotions. Now watch the video.

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I have to admit that I really, really relate to Jennie. I'm a mom, too. Divorced as well. And when a marriage you think would never end does in fact end, getting married again is the last thing you think would happen. Not that everyone has to get married, of course -- I'm talking about that feeling that you would be able to give your heart to someone and trust that love -- that's a very scary thing. Because having a relationship or getting married when you already have kids with someone else is a whole other thing. You aren't just saying "I do" for yourself; you are saying it for your kids, too. The person you are marrying has to be all-in -- and have that great love for you and your children. That ... when it happens ... is magical.

Jennie looked magical. Ethereal. I love her soft makeup -- she did look so dewy and fresh, and like Grace Kelly. Beautiful. Completely beautiful.


Image via jenniegarth/Instagram

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