50-Year-Old Mom Looks Like a Teen, But It's Not as Glorious as It Sounds (PHOTOS)

candy lo modelWe wish we could stop being surprised when women who are over the age of 50 look drop-dead gorgeous. But the truth is, we still gawk like they're mythological creatures to marvel at. And you know you want to, too. The latest headline-making 50-year-old who looks decades younger: Candy Lo, a model and mom of three boys who lives in Hong Kong.


She's a former Miss Asia (1991) and now has a photo book out. (Portraits of herself looking exquisitely beautiful and young, natch.)

Timeless (perfect title, right?) has been such a hit that it's already sold out its first 3,000 copies in Hong Kong. It's easy to see why. Whether she's posing in an elegant gown or a skimpy cut-out swimsuit, Lo looks like she's enjoying her last summer at home before she skips off to college.

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The proceeds of her book will go to battered women and children, so we hope Lo's publisher prints more copies ASAP. But we wonder how many people would be as interested if Lo were not 50 but, say, 22. Or even in her 30s.

Internet attention has focused on her age more than anything about her personality or personal life. Whether that's by Lo's choice or not is hard to tell.

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Personally, we're inspired by women who look far younger than their years and have gotten there naturally. (Or at least have an excellent plastic surgeon with a steady hand.) Demi Moore is 52 and looks amazing in a bikini. Christie Brinkley is 61 and still rocking her Valentino gladiator sandals. But wouldn't it be nice to appreciate something ELSE about these women besides their flawless skin and ability to still look hot in a super-short dress?

And while damn straight we're interested in knowing their secrets to aging so gracefully, we're also totally curious to know: What does it feel like to be 50? How are YOU different? What wisdom do you have now that you didn't have when you were in your 20s? (And still, um, looked the same.)

Fifty-plus years is a loooong time to be on this planet. And while preserving yourself is a huge achievement, we can't help hoping they also have a lot more to show for it.


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