25 Tattoos That Celebrate the Unbreakable Bond Between BFFs (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Jul 20, 2015 Beauty & Style
25 Tattoos That Celebrate the Unbreakable Bond Between BFFs (PHOTOS)

lotus friend tattoo Tattoos can be deeply personal, but they also can be something shared with another person ... like your best friend. The whole experience of getting a tattoo is different when you are getting one with a friend. Design choice, placement, who goes first? It's all part of the bond.

This collection of friend tattoos is going to make you think about what kind of ink you'd get with your best friend -- whether it's a fine line heart or custom design with bright colors. Some are simple, delicate, intricate, and whimsical -- all are very meaningful and strengthen the bond you already have.


Image via longhairdontcaree/Instagram

  • Yin and yang.


    Image via casgregory/Instagram

    These friends got the yin-and-yang/sun-and-moon design to honor their friendship. I absolutely love that these tattoos, when combined, tell more of a story.

  • Butterflies together.


    Image via bravesoulstudiosaj/Instagram

    This beautiful and delicate design was created at Brave Soul Studios for two best friends. I love the lines and how intricate it is.

  • Compass.


    Image via meredithlittlesky/Instagram

    Tattoo artist Meredith Little Sky of Terrarium Tattoo bonded these three women even more than they already were. The friends drove from West Virginia to Colorado on a road trip, and these tattoos were for them to remember their journey together.

  • Pinky swear.


    Image via inthebloodpgh/Instagram

    These adorable tattoos were done at In the Blood Tattoo in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. How perfect for BFFs!

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  • Doves.


    Image via katheeleila/Instagram

    Friends for 15 years, these two got these doves with a heart on their shoulders while one was visiting from out of town.

  • Stick figure friends.


    Image via sharonkissel/Instagram

    Ohio tattoo artist Sharon Kissel who works at Defining Skin gave these three friends such an incredible and personal tattoo. Sharon shared, "One of the friends drew the stick figures to look like each of them. When they all came in for their appointment, I could pick out which was which. They have known each other since childhood and you could tell; they seemed more like sisters. I was impressed how supportive they were of each other throughout the entire session."

  • Numbers.


    Image via jctmlnsn/Instagram

    For two friends, 22 and 28 are their "special" numbers. The friend with the 28 noticed that specific number popped up a lot in her life, and her best friend was born on the 28th day of December. That friend got 22 tattooed, because that is the day she was born in the same month.

  • Always love tattoo.


    Image via Michele Zipp

    My friend Lori and I got these tattoos on our pinkies, like a pinky promise. The two super tiny hearts are for us to know that we are there for each other no matter what -- even though we live far away from each other.

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  • Mystical.


    Image via Michele Zipp, Lori Bradley

    Because my friend Lori and I couldn't just get one friendship tattoo, we also got this -- the moon and stars represent our soul sister bond. We choose eight stars: two for her and me, and the others represent our combined number of children. We are both also twin mamas.

  • Anchored.


    Image via Lori Bradley, Jenna Oberg

    Lori and Jenna got these tattoos to represent how their friendship is anchored in love -- and will never drift away.

  • Shooting stars.


    Image via Jenna Oberg

    Jenna and Shanna got these shooting stars tattoos to show how their friendship will last until the stars fall -- forever.

  • Wildflowers.


    Image via Michele Zipp

    The Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers song "Wildflowers" has a lot of meaning to these two, so they got the wildflower art from the album cover tattooed on their hands.

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  • Luna moth.


    Image via Michele Zipp

    The luna moth is a symbol of rebirth. These friends had the very talented Minka Sicklinger of East Side Ink in NYC design and tattoo these spiritual moths attracted to the light of the moon on their arms.

  • "I'll keep you wild."


    Image via joylloyd/Instagram

    Our friends are there to ground us, support us, but also to remember our free spirit, our wild ways of yesterday. And they make sure we keep things fun for the future.

  • Best friends.


    Image via trippdaartist/Instagram

    These best friend got the ultimate friendship necklace tattooed on their wrist with the date of their friend anniversary. So sweet!

  • Branches.


    Image via katokreated/Instagram

    Sometimes the simplest tattoo idea has the most impact. I love these "friendship" branches tattooed by Kayden Huber from the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

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  • Unicorns!


    Image via djbabybokchoy413/Instagram

    Drawn by Sami Nguyen and tattooed by Josh Suchoza at Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton, Massachusetts, these unicorn tattoos are so darling. Friendship is magic!

  • Perfectly suited.


    Image via artbyjoewinkler/Instagram

    Tattoo artist Joe Winkler of Elite Ink Tattoos in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, created these tattoos on a group of friends. If you and your three besties are looking for a great collection of tattoos to get as a group, this is it. (I'd call dibs on the heart!)

  • Peanut butter & jelly.


    Image via nicholas_tattoos/Instagram

    Whimsical tattoos are super cool to get with a friend, and this peanut butter and jelly tattoo is tops. Tattoo artist Corinne did the peanut butter, and artist Nicholas did the jelly on these sandwich-loving pals.

  • Lotus love.


    Image via longhairdontcaree/Instagram

    The lotus is a wonderful tattoo, because it's a symbol of rebirth and spiritual enlightenment and awakening, and it's also quite pretty. These five friends had their lotus tattoos done by Eric at Armageddon Ink in Brooklyn, New York.

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  • The eye.


    Image via Samantha Huggins

    Sam and Lindsay are both doulas who are partners at Carriage House Birth in Brooklyn, New York. For Sam's birthday last year, the two got these evil eye tattoos -- or maybe they are vaginas, says Sam.

  • Friendship flamingos.


    Image via lilsteffieb/Instagram

    Tattoo artist Steffanie Blevins of Art 4 Life in Missouri tattooed these friendship flamingos on two best friends. Birds of a feather flock together!

  • Lucky horseshoes.


    Image via ofrick/Instagram

    These lucky horseshoes were tattooed by Owen Frick of Vancouver, Canada. Tiny with sweet details, this is the perfectly platonic tattoo.

  • Perfect script.


    Image via selahrees/Instagram

    Selah and Mallory got the word "Saudade" tattooed together. The Portuguese and Galician term means the love that remains. Their lives are taking them in different directions, but friends they will always be.

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  • Solid.


    Image via taylerr_lynn_21/Instagram

    Your first tattoo is a big deal. Getting your first tattoo with your best friend is an even bigger one. For their first, these two got simple but solid hearts, which couldn't be a better choice.


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