Oprah's Magazine Says Trendy Look Is Only for Women With Flat Stomachs (PHOTOS)

tess holliday in crop topWho says women who don't have washboard abs can't wear the latest summer-friendly trend: the crop top? Oprah, that's who. Or at least, the advice columnist in O the Oprah Magazine. And, boy, does she probably regret it now! 


The latest issue of the mag featured the follow question from a reader: "Can I pull off a crop top?" The body-shaming answer: "If (and only if!) you have a flat stomach ..."

Women are not taking this slam to their body confidence lying down (or in baggy, oversize t-shirts). The response has been viral, with gals of all sizes posting their cropped, stylish looks on social media. A few awesome examples:


The vibe seems to be that, of all places, O Magazine -- whose frontwoman has faced years of scrutiny over her weight  -- should have been more sensitive. Okay, I get it. I've been a fashion editor at a magazine, and you don't want to send your reader out looking less than her best. But, as I peruse all the Instagrams and Pinterests, I see that there are all kinds of crop tops and all kinds of bodies that look great in them.

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You can have a trim top that just hovers over the high waist of a skirt (pencil or pouffy) or pair of trousers, showing a tiny slice of stomach.

You can try something like the below look, which would define your waist à la plus-size blogger Sarah Conley in cute chambray.

You can go flippy and loose, often with an asymmetrical hem, over jeans or culottes (yes, culottes).

And if you're shy, follow stylist Nicolette Mason's lead and show only a sliver of skin.

It's all about bodycon -- as in body confidence -- and feeling good in your own skin. This is yet another lesson in not letting someone else's exclusionary ideas of what looks "right" rule your life. When will fashion gurus learn? Being inclusive and helping make a look work for every body is the way to go.

Image via tessholliday/Instagram

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