Nicky Hilton's Wedding Dress Was Fit for a Princess (PHOTOS)

nicky hilton shoes weddingNicky Hilton got married! After her very questionable and revealing choice of outfit just days ago, I wondered just what a Hilton wedding dress would look like. But Nicky, 31, wore a stunning and modest Valentino wedding gown that reminded me very much of the dress Kate Middleton wore when she married Prince William. 


Pretty like a princess!

nicky hilton wedding dress

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nicky hilton wedding dress

Nicky married James Rothschild, a banker, in a long-sleeve Haute Couture dress made by Valentino. It reportedly cost around $77,000 and had beautiful crystals all over it. I can't help but think that there is no way Paris Hilton would wear anything like this to her own wedding. But one never knows. Still, this is Nicky's wedding -- the more (shall we say) demure Hilton -- and it's very clear she took a page from the royal wedding book. Dress like royalty! And she did.

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Nicky's cathedral lace veil was vintage and she had a little snafu with it -- it was caught under the Bentley tire! But every wedding has to have its little issue and if this was it, then it's not that big of a deal. For a Hilton, that is. If that was my vintage veil that cost a gazillion bucks, I'd freak out a little. But a gazillion bucks is not something I have, so ....

I also adore Nicky's sweet Mrs. Rothschild shoes. I hope Mr. Rothschild had his own pair that said Mr. Hilton.

What do you think of Nicky's wedding dress?

Image via nickyhilton/Instagram; Gotcha Images/Splash News; RV/Splash News

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