Forget #TheDress Debate -- #TheShoe Will Seriously Freak You Out (PHOTO)

nail polish is the new the dressIt's been over four months since #TheDress controversy rocked the Internet. And just when you thought all those color mind-games were over and done with, a new challenge is upon us ... This time, we need to rack our brains over what color nail polish best matches a pair of shoes.


Yesterday afternoon, Twitter user @totallymendes asked followers an innocent question about coordinating her mani to her kicks. In response, the Internet has once again erupted.

Prepare to fight with your friends over social media for days on this one!

But do you think she got a unanimous verdict?

Of course there's no one single answer. Instead, chaos has ensued.

If this keeps up, we'll just have to agree that people must only ask for color-related opinions in person -- preferably in speakeasy-style fitting rooms, out of consideration for the rest of us! 

But, in the spirit of fun, we'll weigh in and say, duh, of course you'd have to go with the polish on the right, right? Oh, wait, let me look again ...

Which polish do you think matches the shoes?



Image via totallymendes/Twitter

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