11 Tips for Setting Your Style on Fire With the 'Phoenix Hair' Trend (PHOTOS)

11 Tips for Setting Your Style on Fire With the 'Phoenix Hair' Trend (PHOTOS)

fire ombreHave you heard about the "fire hair" trend? It's, if you'll pardon the pun, smokin' hot! Also known as a fire ombré and phoenix hair, it's all over Instagram.


But is setting your hair on fire something YOU could pull off?


We asked celebrity hairstylist Devin Toth at Salon SCK in New York City and Kristin Utterback of Latest-Hairstyles.com to give us the lowdown on making this look -- or a version of it -- work, and how to keep it looking HOT.

Which of these would you try?

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  • If You're In, Go ALL In


    Image via ellesmerehair/Instagram

    If you're considering this look, Toth says permanent color is the way to go. "Temporary color tends to look really fake and fades right out," he says. (By the way: How pretty are these loose curls in this style created by Instagrammer ellesmerehair?)

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  • Choose Your Stylist Wisely


    Image via uggoff/Instagram

    "Find a hair colorist who is known for having a really professional, detail-oriented approach," says Toth. "Eccentric hair color can still look really chic, expensive, and flattering if it's done correctly."

    Toth explains that the flaming-hot-hair look is essentially a brown, red, orange, and yellow ombreé, so it should transition really well from one color to the next without an obvious line of demarcation.

    This shot, shared by Instagrammer uggoff, is a great example of a super saturated color version of the look.

  • Anyone Can Pull Off the Look


    Image via _hairbytiffany_/Instagram

    "Don't feel like this color trend is locked into a certain length or texture of hair," says Utterback. "As you can see from these gorgeous ladies, a fiery hue is suitable for defined curls, beachy waves, or straight strands."

    Hairstylist Tiffany VanEeckhoute created this gorgeous braided style.

  • Consider Some Subtle Options


    Image via /Instagram

    "Don't feel like you have to go super extreme when it comes to the 'hair on fire' fad," says Utterback. "Just with any other color trend, you can go as bold or as subtle as you want! From straight up color blocking to more of an ombre or color melt, truly anyone can pull this look off."

    Hairdresser Madison Chavez of Studio Twenty Six Salon in California created this stunning look for a client.

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  • Or Even More Subtle


    Image via Tom Carson/Latest-Hairstyles.com

    Toth thinks the toned-down version of this hair color trend will outlast the bright LEGO-colored version as a trend, as it's softer and more natural looking. "You would need less makeup and perfect hair styling to pull it off," he says. "Not to mention, the hair color would be less damaging and wouldn't fade as quickly, which means it would require less salon visits for upkeep."

    This beautiful look was created by makeup artist Flavia Scarfo and stylist Leigh Brooks at Perry Anthony Salon in Wilmington, Delaware.

  • Keep Your Roots the Darkest


    Image via Tom Carson/Latest-Hairstyles.com

    "Even if your hair looks like a flaming hot emoji, it's still more flattering to keep your roots darker than your ends, because this is what happens when hair is naturally lightened by the sun exposure," says Toth. "Following this simple rule will help your hair color transition effortlessly as it grows out."

    This bold look was created by stylist Acacia Chronic at Elon Salon in Marietta, Georgia.
  • Take Care of Your Color


    Image via Tom Carson/Latest-Hairstyles.com

    "To help maintain bright, bold colors like these, I definitely recommend only washing your hair every three days (or more!) if you can stand it," says Utterback. "Protect your strands from the sun and choose only sulfate-free cleansing products."

    This look was created at Cutting Loose Salons in Sarasota, Florida.

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  • Use the Right Leave-In Conditioner


    Image via Amazon.com

    Wella Professionals Brilliance Color Protection Serum ($19.99, Amazon.com) is a leave-in conditioner Utterback recommends that works to protect hair against free radicals and leave it shiny and smooth.

  • Try a High Gloss Treatment


    Image via ritahazan.com

    Utterback recommends Ultimate Shine Gloss by Rita Hazan ($26, ritahazan.com), a high gloss treatment you use in the shower to protect and restore your color.


  • ColorMINDED by Bumble and bumble


    She also loves the ColorMINDED line by Bumble and bumble ($11 - $38, bumbleandbumble.com). It includes a shampoo, conditioner, and UV protective polish, all of which are excellent for taking care of colored hair.

  • Rowenta Versa Style Styling Iron


    Image via ulta.com

    "To make flaming-hot hair color really work, you need to put in the time to style it well, otherwise it just becomes a flaming-hot frizz ball," says Toth. He likes the Rowenta Versa Style Styling Iron ($129.99, Ulta.com), because it can make hair straight (which will heighten the flaming color), or curly or wavy (which can diffuse and soften the flaming hair color). "Either way, it's important to use the extra heat during styling in order to smoothen out the hair's cuticle and show off the color," he says.

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