Meg Ryan Is 'Unrecognizable' Now, Or In Other Words, She Looks Her Age (PHOTO)

Meg Ryan 2009
Meg Ryan showed up at Paris Fashion Week yesterday looking (gasp) her age. Sitting front row at a couple of shows, it wasn't long before Meg's super-slim figure and non-saggy face lit up the Internet. 


Of course, if Meg had shown up having packed on a few pounds, there would have been the media pile-on of all time. 

The star's face was described as looking "dramatically different." Check it out.

meg ryan july 2015

To me, it looks a lot like that of many women her age. (Fifty-three, for the record.) In trying to look our best, some of us are willing to go a little further than others. If you're content with a regimen of sunscreen and anti-aging creams, fine. Maybe you want to go the extra mile and try injectables. OK, you do you.

Or, like many women hitting middle age, Meg may have gone further and tried some surgical tweaks. We can only guess, since she's not talking.

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Either way, the haters are piling on, much like they did with Renée Zellweger last fall, when she showed up looking, well, especially streamlined. 

Well, I say give Meg a break! So what if she doesn't look like she's guzzling the magic fountain-of-youth potion from the movie Death Becomes Her? Time-defying stars like Demi Moore and Jennifer Beals who look, well, ageless are not the norm. The rest of us can't help but show our age, no matter how much we work out or shield and pamper our skin.

Several sites commented on how rare Meg's public appearances have been of late. But with this sort of scrutiny, can you blame her?

What do you think about Meg's looks?


Image via Richie Buxo/Splash News & KCS Presse/Splash News

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