Nicky Hilton Has Nutso 'Wardrobe Malfunction' She Should've Seen Coming (PHOTO)

nicky hilton

The beautiful Nicky Hilton is days away from her wedding, but she was spotted out in a questionable white dress. I'm not saying it's bad luck to wear white before your wedding, but I am questioning the dress because of its rather revealing peep holes. It isn't her often-risqué sister Paris being overly revealing here -- instead it's Nicky showing off more skin at Paris Fashion Week than I think she intended to.


As you can see, the front of the dress shows off these interesting vents. Keeping cool? I suppose. Flash of skin? Most definitely.

nicky hilton

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One wrong move ... one twist ... one ... backside photo and ...


nicky hilton wardrobe malfunction

I have to say that I am really surprised. I wouldn't expect this from Nicky. Did she not test this outfit out in the mirror from all angles prior to wearing? Did she not feel the breeze? Now the world has seen her cute little behind before her husband does on their wedding night! (Don't you snicker!)

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I want to say that this happens to many of us, but not many of us get to wear Versace to Versace's showing at Paris Fashion Week. I can't help but think that those sheer panels might feel a little peculiar once she sits down. Poor (not really poor) Nicky. Or maybe ... just maybe, this is a new trend. Underbutt. It's a sexy new peekaboo look. Gosh, I sure hope not.

What do you think of this dress?

Images via KCS Presse/Splash News; Splash News

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