50 Mother-Daughter Tattoos That Celebrate an Unbreakable Bond

Michele Zipp | Apr 13, 2020 Beauty & Style
50 Mother-Daughter Tattoos That Celebrate an Unbreakable Bond

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We mothers and daughters go through a lot with one another. We have an unbreakable bond, an understanding of each other like no one else ever could. We are each other's best friends and confidants, our safety, our home. For that reason, getting a mother-daughter tattoo seems like the perfect way to honor that relationship. Mother-daughter relationships are definitely worth celebrating if both parties are up for it. 

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Getting matching ink is a big commitment, but the nice thing is that a mom isn't like a boyfriend, or even a regular friend -- she's someone who will always be there when needed (and sometimes even when she's not, because she loves her kid). The bond between a mother and daughter is so special, and when someone is lucky enough to have a really close relationship with her mom, why not go ahead and celebrate it? 

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After looking through all of these lovely mother-daughter tattoos, I am inspired to check with my own mom to see if she wants to get one. And if she goes for it, I'm booking the appointments ASAP! Be careful -- these photos might make everyone want one, too.

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  • Celtic Knot



    While traveling in Ireland together, Bri and her mom got tattoos to commemorate the experience. It's the trinity, the Celtic knot, and so pretty.

  • Rune on Fingers



    Mom definitely approved of her daughter's first tattoo. The two got matching symbolic runes on their fingers. It is a magical, private way to celebrate that special bond. 

  • Sun & Moon

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    Tattoos done with someone else don't have to match. This mother and daughter are like night and day -- well, at least when it comes to their tattoos. We love how they are different, yet created in the same style. So sweet.

  • 'I Love You More'



    OK, this one has me a bit teary-eyed. Inked in the other's handwriting, this mom and daughter really captured my heart with their incredible tattoos. What a special way to remind each other how much she is loved.

  • Butterfly Wings



    This mom and daughter decided on getting the monarch butterfly to honor the matriarch of their family -- Grandma. Each has a full butterfly tattoo, but they can also put them together like they did here. Love.

  • Three Birds



    What more special than a mother/daughter tattoo? Four of them! I adore bird tattoos, and these "three little birds" tattooed on three daughters, along with on the arm of their mother, make this ink even more special.

  • Infinity




    We'll always see our wrist tattoos, so what better way to connect with our moms than by getting matching infinity symbols? We already know a mother and daughter bond is one that lasts forever, so what could be more fitting?

  • Extra Symbolic


    This beautiful symbol is a NEDA tattoo -- NEDA stands for the National Eating Disorder Association. It's a symbol of recovery, and how lovely that this mother and daughter both have this tattoo (done at Orchard City Tattoo Company) to show their support for each other.

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  • Matching Hamsas



    These matching, intricate hamsa tattoos are perfect for mom and daughter. They symbolize protection -- and a mom and daughter who are protective over each other.

  • All About 'Her'



    These tattoos are simply the sweetest. With a simple word, these two show who really rules their hearts. And they prove we don't need anything elaborate to make a big statement of love.

  • Roses & Butterflies



    Go big or go home! These tattoos subtly say just how precious each one is to the other with a design that stands on its own, too. I adore the placement of these tattoos -- a sweet butterfly on their shoulders with a gorgeous rose.

  • Mother & Daughter Stick Figures



    Many moms and daughters rely on phone convos to stay in touch, so this adorable stick figure tattoo idea couldn't be cuter. No matter how far away they are, they are always connected.

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  • Orchids



    Tattooed by artist Matt Headley in Kansas, these orchids were done on Mother's Day. What a perfect what to show mom that you'll love her forever. Aww!

  • 'To the Moon & Back'



    Done by Dawn Webb of Paradise Tattoo in Florida, these sweet moon tattoos have one of the best parent/child sayings ever. Who needs a rustic sign with the saying when they can have this gorgeous reminder instead?

  • Smile



    The amazing mom here is the one who suggested she and her daughter get this sweet tattoo. It's a beautiful way for each of these women to remind themselves that happy times are always just around the bend. I'm smiling just looking at it.

  • Birds in Flight



    Some mother and daughter relationships are so symbiotic they are just an extension of one another. I love how this flock of birds travels from mother to daughter -- amazing placement by tattoo artist AJ at Brave Soul Studio in Maine.

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  • Sweet Mini Tattoo



    While counting down the days to her wedding, this daughter and her mom got these matching butterfly tattoos since they would no longer be sharing a last name. But they will forever share this.

  • Tiny Hearts



    The tiny hearts tattooed behind this mother's and daughter's ears are so delicate and pretty. I love the simple, but powerful statement a tiny tattoo can really have -- especially when it has such a deep meaning. 

  • Sunshine.



    These stunning mother-daughter tattoos were done by Matty Tattz and Holly Green at SkinFlix Tattooz in Northampton, Pennsylvania. Who needs a Hallmark card when we can get a tattoo like this? Love it!

  • Anchors for Generations



    This anchor is a tattoo that three generations decided to get. First, mom and her two daughters got it, and then grandma (who is 67 years young) decided to get her anchor the following week. I love the slight differences in each one, yet they are all one another's anchor.

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  • Fingerprint on the Heart



    This is literally a one-of-a-kind tattoo. Tattoo artist Sean Miller of Relentless Tattoo Company in Buffalo, New York, created these special tattoos for a mom and her daughter.

  • A Sweet Melody


    With the lyrics of a timeless song parents often sing to their little ones, these simple tattoos allow a mom and daughter to remain individuals while staying connected. 

  • Signs & Symbols


    Nothing bonds a mother to her daughters quite like a meaningful tattoo, especially one that looks culturally and spiritually significant.

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  • A Rose by Any Other Name...


    Roses aren't just for the romantic. These meaningful floral pieces carry an important message of love between a mother and daughter.