Test Your Star Style Savvy: Which Celeb Is Wearing These Wild Shoes? (PHOTOS)

Test Your Star Style Savvy: Which Celeb Is Wearing These Wild Shoes? (PHOTOS)

Scarlett Johansson heelsThink you've got an eye for celebrity style? Well, test your knowledge by trying to figure out which starlet wore some of these fun and funky heels.

You've got to be bold (and have a great sense of balance) to rock some of this fabulous footwear. See who strutted their stuff in these wild selections.   

Which celebrity kicks the competition to the curb when it comes to footwear? 

Image via AdMedia/Splash News

  • Red Meat Shoes


    Image via Johnny Lawrence/Splash News

    Can you tell who's sporting shoes made from red meat? You know it's got to be someone who's pretty out-there fashion-wise to wear these ...

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  • Lady Gaga


    Image via Johnny Lawrence/Splash News

    Of course it was Lady Gaga who wore those infamous meat shoes with her much-talked-about meat dress! Is there really anyone else who could pull that off? We have to imagine these are a pair your dog would really love to get his paws on!

  • White Christian Louboutins


    Image via Splash News and Pictures

    Can you guess who's wearing these Christian Louboutins? She's played a wicked witch, but in real life, she does plenty of good ... 

  • Angelina Jolie


    Image via Splash News and Pictures

    Mrs. Brad Pitt wore these interesting white heels to her Maleficent premiere. Rumor has it they were custom-designed for her press tour and feature what looks like a spindle and a prick of blood. Dazzling!

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  • Cream Peep-Toe Boots


    Image via Splash News

    Who's leaving a runway show in these Christian Dior heels? Here's a clue: This celeb mom believes fashionistas of all ages should be able to enjoy Fashion Week ...

  • Kim Kardashian


    Image via Splash News 

    Kim Kardashian is wearing these Christian Dior heels leaving the Kanye West Ready-To-Wear Fall/Winter 2012 show as part of Paris Fashion Week at Halle Freyssinet.

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  • Green Boots


    Image via SPW/Splash News

    Wait, are you guessing it's Kermit the Frog wearing this bright green garb? We can see where you'd be tempted to think that! But it's not. Still, this look was worn by a famous songbird known for her bold fashion statements, so keep thinking! 

  • Rihanna


    Image via SPW/Splash News

    Rihanna wore this bold get-up with a Versace necklace to Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica, California. Maybe it was Earth Day? That's a lot of green!

  • Strappy Sandals


    Image via AdMedia/Splash News

    How sexy are these criss-cross sandals? The hot new mama who wore these is known not only for her action flicks but for killing it on the red carpet. Any guesses?  

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  • Scarlett Johansson


    Image via AdMedia / Splash News

    Scarlett Johansson showed off her amazing legs in this super-short dress and, yep, those strappy heels at Tom Ford's Autumn/Winter 2015 womenswear show in Los Angeles.

  • Hot Pink Heels


    Image @Parisa / Splash News

    It takes a bold gal to pair hot pink and teal, but this gorgeous "It Girl" pop star pulls it off. Recognize this look from the 57th Grammy Awards?

  • Taylor Swift


    Image @Parisa / Splash News

    Stunning songstress Taylor Swift always looks amazing, and this occasion was no different! We love how she took a risk by pairing these bold shades. 

  • Lion Pumps


    Image Starface.ru / Splash News

    You're not imagining it. Those really do look like a lion's toes! So, which brave actress put on this animal-inspired pair for her movie premiere? 

  • Sarah Jessica Parker


    Image Starface.ru / Splash News

    Meow! These Christian Louboutin Alex Lion Paw Pumps are purrr-fect for Sarah Jessica Parker. We can't help but think Carrie Bradshaw would approve as well. 

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  • Lace-Up Boots


    Image via AdMedia/Splash News

    It takes a lot of confidence to rock these lace-up boots. The Fly Girl-turned-pop diva wore these sexy things to Tom Ford's Autumn/Winter 2015 show ...

  • Jennifer Lopez


    Image via AdMedia / Splash News

    Only Jenny from the Block could make these peep-toe lace-up boots look that fierce, amirite? Good for her!

  • Pink Spikes


    Image via SharpshooterImages/SplashNews

    These look dangerous to walk in, don't they? Good thing this celeb mama and style (and music and film) icon has plenty of handlers to help her remain steady on her feet!

  • Beyoncé


    Image via SharpshooterImages/SplashNews

    Beyoncé looks pretty in pink in this ensemble heading into her New York office.

  • Minion Shoes


    Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

    This Most Beautiful Woman had plenty of fun at the Minions premiere in Los Angeles. We'd love to see her adorable son's reaction to these heels!

  • Sandra Bullock


    Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

    Seeing her in this whimsical pair of heels just makes us love actress Sandra Bullock all the more, doesn't it? 

  • Black Slingbacks


    Image via TJDH Imagez / Splash News

    Which celebrity recently stepped out to shop in Manhattan wearing these tasteful black slingback heels?

  • Caitlyn Jenner


    Image via TJDH Imagez / Splash News

    Caitlyn Jenner paired these black heels with a leopard print dress. Tres chic!

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