Vlogger Called 'Disgusting' After Revealing What Her Skin Really Looks Like (VIDEO)

em ford vlogger acneThree months ago, Em Ford, who vlogs about makeup over at My Pale Skin, started posting makeup-free selfies. You'd think she'd be applauded for her honesty. But we're talking about the Internet here.


Which means bullies crawled out of the online woodwork to try to rip her self-esteem to shreds.

The images Ford posted showed that her cheeks and forehead are dusted with acne. A gutsy move, right?

Well, viewers were NOT sympathetic. They were rude to the point of being cruel. Ford received some 100,000 comments along the lines of "OMG," "Gross," "Horrible," and the mind-blowingly mean "WTF is wrong with her face?"

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When she covered up with some serious makeup -- and by serious, we can't even identify all the powders, brushes, and thingamajigs she uses -- the comments became eerily positive.

"You're so perfect," gushed one commenter.

In the short video below, you can watch this weird emotional roller coaster.

The takeaway? While social media is great for finding the best Thai restaurant within a mile of your house or what your first grade crush looks like now, it is in NO way, shape, or form a good tool to boost self-esteem.

The anonymity we have as users robs us of empathy. When we see a flat image of someone on a screen, we don't see them as real human beings with feelings. We see them as objects to be criticized and judged.

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We move so quickly from one clickable story to the next that we forget our comments have a lasting effect on the person who reads them.

Kudos to Em for having the guts to show us not just her imperfect skin, but a way that we can all strive to be better people.

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Image via My Pale Skin/YouTube

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