Angelina Jolie Lookalike Says She's So Hot She Scares Guys Away (PHOTOS)

veronika blackWhat would you give to be so beautiful that men would fall trembling to their knees at the sight of you? Would you get lip fillers, breast implants, work out every day, and wear a tiny corset? That’s what Veronika Black, a 27-year-old Vancouver woman, says she did -- resulting, she says, in constant comparisons to Angelina Jolie.


Veronika tells the Daily Mail that she was bullied in school for her flat-chested, frizzy-haired, and chubby appearance. Her response? To get a series of breast augmentations that took her up to a 32J -- and from shopgirl to model.

She works out daily and, like the Kardashians, "waist trains" (i.e., wears a confining corset) to stay at a curvy size 8. Here are a few shots of her looking eerily like Angie.

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But while Veronika says her looks -- those raven tresses and bright blue eyes, expertly drawn brows that arch steeply just like Angie's! -- attract hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram (665,000 to be exact), they also inspire suspicion in other women and attract mostly skeevy guys.

She explains:

I only have a few girlfriends, which is sad as I'm actually a really nice person and quite shy. I'm definitely not a man-eater. I've only had a couple of boyfriends, and I'd never cheat or approach a married man.

As for finding her own Brad Pitt, she’s had no luck so far, despite the aggressive makeover, which is reminiscent of those women compelled to look like Human Barbie dolls.

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Veronika laments:

Sometimes men get really nervous and start shaking when I talk to them, which is weird as I'm a nice person and there's definitely nothing to be scared of. Only creeps will try and chat me up, and they'll be really rude and aggressive when I say I'm not interested ... No normal, respectable guys are ever keen, but I'm too shy to approach men myself.

While she’d love a stubbled "older" guy à la Brad, she said she is, however, "enjoying being single." We hope so, because the rest of what she says she deals with as an Angie lookalike doesn't sound like fun at all! 

Do you think Veronika went too far to look like Angelina?

Image via veronikablack88/Instagram

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