Woman Gives Her Wardrobe a Wacky Makeover for Breast Cancer Charity (PHOTOS)

eve hazelton hippie costumeCasual Fridays, business meetings, interviews, gym clothes, brunch with the girls -- getting dressed every day can really be a challenge. There's always someone trying to come up with a surefire solution -- Pinterest boards of cute weekend togs or this woman who just wore the same outfit -- her "uniform" -- to work daily.


And then there’s 29-year-old Eve Hazelton. This Brit has been wearing a "fancy dress" costume every day for the past year -- to work, to client meetings, while running a half marathon, to funerals, you name it, all while documenting every moment on MyFancyYear.com.

She's been a sailor, clown, angel, flapper, robot, full-on fuzzy pink gorilla -- and no, she wasn’t doing it because she's starved for attention or just didn't know what to wear each day. Her best friend's mother died of breast cancer, and Eve was looking for a way to raise money for CoppaFeel.org, a charity that promotes breast self-exams.  

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First, she had to purge her own wardrobe to make room for the 365 outfits (accessories included, such as magic wands, superhero paraphernalia, and a lifeguard buoy -- yes, really!) donated by a local costume company. Then, no matter what was on her schedule (she's a photography director), Eve would suit up.  

Check out some of her "greatest hits."

Day 356: Dolls like you and me! #raggydolls #myfancyyear #fancydress

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Day 354: everything is groovy baby!!!! #myfancyyear #fancydress

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Day 301: it's a sexy kinda day! #myfancyyear #fancydress #pink #gorilla #cosplay

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She told the Daily Mail that she would tailor her outfits to the weather: On a cold day, she’d opt to go out as something plush and furry, complete with engulfing mascot headpiece. At the beach, she was a Baywatch babe. Imagine meeting pals for dinner wearing, maybe, a Freddie Mercury mustache or Disney princess drag.   

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Eve has raised roughly $46K for Coppa Feel and vowed to do her daily 10K run in costume for the last 100 days of the challenge. She has been both heckled and applauded. She heard from one woman who found out about her campaign, did an exam, had a lump, and is now getting treatment. And she says it's totally worth it! But now, she has to go out and get a real wardrobe.       

What's the craziest thing you would do to raise money for your favorite charity?


Image via eve_hazelton/Instagram

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