Rumer Willis Shares New Pic of Mom Demi Moore Looking Like She Did in Her 20s

Demi Moore ageless

Has Demi Moore found a time machine and traveled back to the late 1980s? That's what you'll be asking yourself when you see the latest photo of the celebrity mom shared by her adoring daughter Rumer. No way does this lady look 52. See for yourself!


My mom is the cutest human #beautyhasnoagelimit #momtime

A photo posted by Rumer Willis (@ruelarue) on

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Now, we know Rumer and her mom are BFFs, what with their twinning and all, but still, how sweet is this? As amazing as Demi looks, it has to make her feel even better to hear it coming from her daughter, who captioned the photo, "My mom is the cutest human." She added the hashtag #beautyhasnoagelimit.

Awww! So sweet! Many have speculated that the About Last Night actress has had some nips and tucks over the years. But here she looks positively ageless and a bit like herself in her Ghost days. (Though we must admit, we see a touch of Yoko Ono, too, but perhaps that's just the hat and glasses.)

Don't you just love that the actress and the Dancing with the Stars Mirrorball winner are so close?!? Can't help but wonder if Demi's secret to staying so gorgeous has to do with spending time with her supportive daughters? Whatever she's doing, it's working!

How do you think Demi Moore looks in this photo?


Images © Camilla Morandi/Corbis & ruelarue/Instagram

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