35 Brilliant Makeup Storage Ideas

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Are eyeshadow palettes cluttering the counter? Can we barely even tell what color our vanity is anymore? Do lipstick and mascara tubes roll away, never to be seen again? Let's just admit it: Sometimes we just stuff our brushes into a drawer when we're done with them and run out of the door, only to return home and sweep everything off to the side. Well, that's all about to change, because we've rounded up the most brilliant ways to organize our makeup.

Just imagine: a neat and clean space where all of our items of makeup are safely tucked away in their home! We're feeling zen just thinking about it. 

Unfortunately, that's not always an easy feat to accomplish. This may come as a newsflash to some, but not all of us were blessed with Kardashian-sized pockets and closets. Finding a place to store our makeup collection can prove to be a real struggle -- and leave us wondering how we even ended up with 20 lipsticks of almost the same shade. We might not even attempt to organize our makeup collection if we don't know if we have enough space for it. 

Well, don't worry -- our simple tips will finally give our beauty products a place to call home. Oh, and even better: Some of these storage ideas are super cute to boot! Read on to see 35 creative DIY makeup storage ideas, and then get organizing! 


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