Brides Can Say Yes to Gorgeous $46 Gowns Thanks to the Weirdest Wedding Sale Ever

mom and daughter buying wedding dressWedding dresses aren't cheap. And if they are, well, you're probably wearing a family heirloom that cost you in time to alter, hem, modernize, and clean. But never fear, frugal brides! For a limited time only, you've got a chance to say yes to your dream dress. And it ain't coming from David's Bridal, but the U.S. government.


Yes, THAT government. The same one that takes your taxes, fixes potholes on the highways, and has that whole Area 51 thing going on.

Here's how.

An arm of the government called the General Services Administration regularly auctions off surplus government items -- everything from meat slicers to Chinook helicopters. (We're picturing a warehouse like at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.)

But for the first time ever, the GSA is also going to sell bridal formalwear: men's tuxes, women's wedding dresses, veils, and tiaras. There's also a three-carat diamond and platinum engagement ring and Louis Vuitton travel bag up for grabs.

Apparently, U.S. marshals seized the contents of a bridal shop in Juneau, Alaska, after the owner was arrested for drug trafficking. (We're hoping they had drug-sniffing dogs check everything to make sure there wasn't, say, a pound of coke sewed into the lining of a smoking jacket.)

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The online auction is called the "Down the Aisle Extravaganza," and some wedding gowns are as jaw-droppingly low as $46. Pay online with your credit card and they'll ship to your house.

The auction ends July 9 but so far, most items have ZERO bids. So if you're still in the market, maybe THIS is how you'll say yes to your dress?

(Enter your favorite Bridesmaids/John F. Kennedy mashup quote here.)

Is buying your wedding dress off a government auction a "Do" or a "Don't?"


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